Soaking up "home"

As a new chapter in our family's life seems to be quickly approaching (Okay... it's actually quite a few months away), I seem to be falling more and more in love with this place we call home...Good ol' Oregon. After Andrew graduates medical school, he'll begin residency in a place we have yet to be notified of (Yes, there's a chance we'll get to stay). At this point, we see ourselves returning after Andrew's time with the Air Force, but who knows what God has in store for us! 

This place has certainly captured my heart. Rainy days and all. The coast & the mountains under and hour and a half drive away, the amazing farmer's markets, the lush greenery, even the "earthy" "granola" lifestyle... maybe I've become brainwashed by this wonderful state- but I'll certainly never see things quite the same way.

Having lived in many places growing up, I never quite know where to call home. Now that I've lived here the longest (10 years now), I suppose Oregon can default as home. But it's not just by default... I truly love this wonderful state.

As Bonnie grows, she too will have many homes. I look forward to her learning about the world first hand and being exposed to different places. I'm certainly grateful I had the opportunity to call many places home over the years. The saying, "home is wherever I am with you" has never been more pertinent. I know it's cliche, but that really will be the case for quite a few years of our family's lives. I'm anxious to find out what the next few years hold in store for us. There are quite a few months in between now and that new chapter, but I'm doing my best to trust that God has a perfect plan for us.

In the meantime, I'm going to soak up Oregon as best I can! I mean, seriously.... look at this amazing place!!

<<The photos below are from a trip to the coast back in October>>

Did you see that sad lip!??! hehehe, adorable... and so sad...