Favorite time of the day // Wide Angle Wednesday

It's our favorite time of the day. Andrew texts when he's on his way home. I wake the babe up from her late afternoon nap and feed her so that Daddy gets her undivided time once he walks in the door. This time is precious and loved by all. She must think he's the best.

I start making dinner while they play and coo at each other. He gets her ready for bed and I start a load of her day's diaper laundry. Before we know it, Bonnie is letting us know that shes more than ready for bed. We sing our songs, say our prayers, and get "topped off" for the night. And, down she goes. We finish dinner, share about our days, and usually end of talking about how much Bonnie just makes our days so much more joyful. We have much to be thankful for.

It's a my favorite time of the day.