Bonnie Grace // 3 months


 I cannot believe how quickly time is going. While it feels like Bonnie was born just yesterday, it also feels like she's been in our lives forever. She truly is such a joy. I find that whenever I may be down, tired,... you name it... when I pick her up and look into her face, it all melts away. Those sweet blue eyes and adorable gummy smile get me every time.

Bonnie Grace, you are loved more than words can say.

Check out how much this little one grew in 3 months! She's wearing the onesies (size 0-3mo) that were made at one of my baby showers. So much fun to compare each month!

**This post is a few weeks late! She turned 3 months old on October 25th**

I had no idea my heart could grow so in love with this little life...

During this past month, miss Bonnie started cooing, giggling, and smiling a whole lot more. She still loves talking to her toys on her play mat, but has become especially good at cooing back and forth with mama. I love our daily convos. The best news of all is that she's slowly getting better in the car seat! This is such a relief as it is now rare to have crying during our car trips (at least the short ones).

Bon is awake a lot more during the day and is quite the observer of all things and people around her. It seems like she's growing TONS each day as well. We no longer can say she's a newborn... so sad!  But, it makes me incredibly happy to see her growing and developing right on track. It's actually quite amazing to watch and be a part of. What a privilege and blessing it is to be her Mama!

Wearing:  0-3 & 3 month clothes// Eating: milk// Playing: On activity mat and working on shaking rattles// Reading: Every book in her nursery but especially loving the rhyming and flow of Dr. Seuss books // New tricks: Blowing bubbles & grabbing toys// Growth: We are guessing she weighs around 12 pounds but will find out at her 4 month appointment. Loving: neighborhood walks in her big-girl stroller with mama & bath/shower time// Sleep: Taking a little step backwards in this department. We're working on getting a better day-time schedule & hoping she'll get back to sleeping better real soon! // Not a fan: Lots of strangers & long car rides.