Our new dance

I wouldn't consider myself a good dancer. However, Andrew and I sure enjoyed taking a few dance classes in high school and college.

I think back to those few songs that we had "official" dances to and am reminded of the months surrounding each one. We swung to 'Moonlight Serenade' during our senior year in high school. We were two youngsters in love but trying to figure out how the future might include each other while also supporting our career goals.

In college, we both enrolled in a dance class where we learned the waltz and rumba. Hello, instant date nights! We were engaged and planning our wedding at the time. I was preparing to graduate from nursing school and Andrew was often traveling for med-school interviews. Those days were both exciting and stressful as there were, once again, so many unknowns about our future. We had no idea where we would be living 6 months down the road, if I would get a nursing job, or if Andrew would get the school acceptances he wanted. We had no idea at that point that just a few months later, he would commission into the Air Force. God knew. He had the perfect plan in mind for us. That rumba and waltz dance treated us well and later even reappeared at our wedding reception.

This year brings a new dance. The dance of mother and fatherhood. It will be a beautiful dance in the end- when we've practiced, practiced, and practiced some more. If we ever have a final show, I'm sure we'll make a few mistakes. Step on a foot here or there, turn the wrong way, miss a beat...

The best part is obviously our new partner: Baby Bonnie.

We are dancing to a new song now. During the intro to this song, I have returned to work part-time. Everyone has a different situation for what is best for their family, but our dance includes this mama back at work. Each of our past dances were important and significant. We worked hard to learn the dance steps and succeed. Though being a wife and Mom will always be my number one and most important job, I worked very hard to become a Nurse and love what I do. That being said, it was so difficult to leave our littlest dancer for my first shift back this week. The night before was even more difficult. But, our reunion after a long day's work made it all okay...

I couldn't help but gently wake her up for a little extra nursing time when I got home. When her eyes met mine and she smiled... oh, there were tears. Heart-melting tears. My girl knows her mama and my girl is just fine while I'm away at work. I needed to see that sweet smile and those precious eyes. It's all a part of our dance and we're working on these new moves. I think I need more practice than she does at this point. It's an adjustment; it's a change. As one of my co-workers put it: "It makes the time with your children so much more valuable." Wise words.

So, we're over here practicing our new dance and we'll get better and better as time goes on. Perhaps the piece that makes our steps so much easier to learn is that Bonnie is mostly with my mom while we are both away. It doesn't get any better than that. Moms (or Mamaw, as Bonnie will call her) make the best subs and we are incredibly grateful. I'm slowly learning that it's not just the three of us (mama, dad, baby) during this song in our lives. It truly does take a village. At the end of this song, our whole village will dance. What a beautiful dance it will be!

//Thank you, Nick, for snapping a few photos of the 3 of us together. We rarely get real pictures all together!//