A mini catch up of sorts

Where on earth has all of the time gone (Bonnie will be 7 weeks old on Friday) and where do I even begin!?

Being a mom to Bonnie has been such a gift. Each night when I put her to bed, I tell her so. Our bedtime routine has also included listening and singing along to the Loch Lomond song, reciting Psalm 23, as well as a goodnight blessing verse of sorts that I fondly remember both my mom and my Mamaw saying to us before bed: "May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. " Numbers 6:24-25. This evening, Bonnie started cooing along and smiling when I sang. That certainly blessed my soul.

Just this past week, Bonnie has seemed to grow leaps and bounds in her ability to focus on toys, people, sounds, etc. She is loving her play mat and I'm loving that she'll be entertained for a solid 10 minutes so that I can get a few things done. She then lets me help turn her for tummy time and she's again entertained for another little while. Over all, she is following a great cycle of eating, playing for bit, then napping, and starting it all over again when she wakes up. Following her "cycle" sure seems to help me better understand her cues, better care for her, and try to best meet her needs.

She most definitely has a hatred for the car seat. Hoping that gets better soon...

 I'm a little biased, but she sure is the sweetest! I also think she's going to be quite the active one like her Dad. There's not lots of just sitting still for this little one... unless she's asleep, she's always looking around and movin' & groovin'.

My maternity leave is going far too fast but I'm comforted by knowing that when I do return to work. Bonnie will be in such wonderful hands (thanks, Mom!). Bonnie is also growing way to fast! I packed away most of her newborn clothes yesterday. So sad! But I'm certainly thrilled that she's thriving and that we are over the feeding and gaining weight difficulties. I look forward to her upcoming 2 month appointment to see how much she's grown.

I have now successfully uploaded the 1,600 photos (from the past 4 weeks) off of my phone. I wish I was kidding; but I'm just a tad bit camera happy. Now, there's room for more!