Fresh finds

 There's something magical about fresh foods; something extra tasty about home and locally grown goods. One of my absolute favorite parts of Oregon summers are the amazing farmer's markets, berry/fruit farms near by, and the humble pots of tomato & basil plants behind our white & rugged picket fence. This week's market find was a gluten free lemon pepper fusilli dried pasta. The two women selling certainly won me over with their sweet southern accents. We paired the flavored pasta with a simple blend of our home grown tomatoes and basil along with what seems to be our favorite ingredient of turkey bacon & voila! A delicious, fresh meal! 

We are looking forward to trying a new flavored pasta next week. 

(After frying the bacon, we used the same pan with extra virgin olive oil & garlic sauteed with the tomatoes)... try it!

 Clam shell pasta bowl c/o Beyond Jordan Studio.
You can find this pasta & more at Pappardelle's Pasta.