Bonnie Grace | Week One

It felt very strange to be the one walking to our car with a newborn instead of the one escorting a new family to their car. Strange in all of the most exciting ways. I couldn't wait to head home and walk through our door as a family of three. Welcome home sweet girl!
Week one was pretty jam packed with baby snuggles, meeting family & friends, doctor appointments, countless nursing sessions, and a few family walks in the neighborhood. 
Bonnie met Uncle Jensen & Aunt Amanda. They moved to Oregon at just the right time. We couldn't be more thrilled to have them near.
We didn't waste any time to start taking family walks. It was a nice way to get out of the house and we both think Bonnie likes the fresh air.
It's beyond precious seeing Bonnie & Andrew together. I think she's a daddy's girl already. 
Bonnie had her newborn check up & we killed some time eating at a delicious gluten free bakery (Tula). I'm still craving what I ate...
So far, Bonnie is an amazing sleeper.  Between night time feeds, she has no problem going right to sleep or at least laying quietly in her bassinet as long as she has a nice tight swaddle and full tummy. We are certainly hoping this behavior sticks around.
I needed a few things out and about, so we met up with mama friends, McKenzie (& baby Billy), and Katey (& baby Lyla) for a coffee date. 
Granddad & Mamaw came up for some baby snuggles. Bonnie is so blessed to have fantastic grandparents on both sides.

Uncle Nick & Aunt Michelle came over to join us at the Saturday Market. 
We received many fun onesies from Aunt Rhonda all week. Bonnie is quite loved!
And...  we tried our best to sneak in naps throughout the busy days. Nothing better than baby cuddles!
Though it was a busy week, I can't even explain how wonderful it is to have our sweet babe here. What a blessing she is. It's been so fun getting to know her little self this week. We love you, Bonnie Grace!