39 Weeks | Baby Reyna

39 Weeks! I can't believe we are to this point and that my frame of thinking has switched from 'stay in baby girl' to 'come on out, please!' God certainly has kept us safe and kept her cooking and for that I'm so grateful. But now, I'm sure ready to meet her and kiss her sweet face. 

Due to technical difficulties with my camera and really everything (car, camera, computer, car again... ugh the list goes on), we used the trusty iPhone for this week's photos. Sorry for the poor quality. But, our sweet one weighs as much as a mini watermelon and is certainly welcome to come any day. 

Andrew has a week and a half left of his current rotation (family medicine sub-internship) and is currently in the inpatient setting. He's hoping she'll stay put a wee bit longer in order to finish up his work. I, on the other hand, would be thrilled for her to come this weekend. I think she would make the perfect birthday present (Andrew's birthday is on Sunday). All in God's timing, I suppose. 

I have more energy these days and am able to get through a day without taking 3 naps. Literally- the past many weeks, I've hardly been able to keep my eyes open throughout the day. Maybe this is because I've been having a bit better luck with sleeping at night. Woo-hoo! I sure know that won't last long, so I'm enjoying every extra minute of sleep. My contractions have seemed to slow down the past day or two as well. Maybe my body is resting before the storm. We'll see...

After last week's mentioning of wanting to swim- I had pool dates 2 different days with friends (thank you Katey, Jenny, & Heather!). I need to remember how amazing the water is on pregnant bodies for (god-willing) next pregnancy. Note to self- swim on a regular basis next time!

Here's to hoping this is my last weekly update and that baby girl is in our arms by next week. Thank you to those praying for us and our upcoming delivery. I'm doing my best to lay aside any fears and hesitations for our little one's birth. As I was discussing different scenarios with how I think baby is positioned and how that might make for a more difficult labor and so on with my mom yesterday, she hit it on the nail by saying, "you just simply know too much." Yes, my brain is filled with other women's births and recoveries. Both their joys and pains. Their difficulties and triumphs. But now it's our turn, and that concept is still hard to fathom. I'm going to be a mother. We have a daughter. Andrew is going to be a father... Our sweet girl is coming out of this body of mine one way or another SO soon! I don't think I'll believe it until I see it. 

So, come on out sweet little miracle! Mama is so very ready to meet you!