Ombre Work Baby Shower

From the beautiful invites, to the location, to the theme, this baby shower was so incredibly me in every way. My sweet work friends, Heather & Jessica, hosted a thoughtful and beautiful event all to celebrate our coming baby girl. I'm still blown away with the thoughtfulness, creativity, and time that went into such a beautiful day. I'm overwhelmed with love and gratefulness for all of their hard work and for each guest that came. It was simply beautiful in every way.

The girl's chose an ombre choral colored theme and literally made everything in sight by themselves. From the poms and candles to the burlap (which they dyed ombre!), I can't even imagine how much time each of these projects took. They even made the confetti for these awesome balloons! Seriously, amazing. The whole day was such a surprise. All I knew was the location and time. Such a sweet surprise.

They chose one of my favorite flowers- peonies, and even got the cupcakes from my favorite gluten free bakery (Kyra's Bake Shop). I'm not sure if they knew this, but Suavie Island is one of my favorite places, and it was such a joy to have my shower out there. Again- the thoughtfulness was incredible.

Thank you, Heather & Jessica! And, thank you to each co-worker that came to help celebrate. I'm so very touched and so thankful. What an incredible group of women to work with who deeply know, respect, and appreciate the gift of life and who have been there to support me through the ups and downs of this past year. I love you all!

Loads of photos below! (Photos by Jessica, Christina B., and from my phone camera).

My beautiful shower hosts! Heather & Jessica.
There was an "egg on spoon race" game. Lots of fun.