Beach Getaway

  The Oregon coast was calling my name. For numerous reasons: to celebrate the completion of Andrew's 3rd year of med school, to squeeze in one more getaway with my honey before baby, and to return to the place we were exactly one year prior processing and grieving our miscarriage. So, to the coast, we went...

We stayed at The Coho in Lincoln City. Being our 3rd time there, I guess it has become a special place for us. Nothing grand, but perfect for us. 

Andrew spoiled me and booked the "sunset sweet," which included prime beach views, a balcony, fireplace, and an amazing jacuzzi tub. He knows how much I like baths. It was quite the treat and so very thoughtful of him to book a little something special. 
 The weather was windy, but amazing for our stay. We especially enjoyed the pool to ourselves in the evening. Baby girl had her first swim and it felt so wonderful to float. I'm wishing I got on the pregnancy pool gig earlier. Maybe next pregnancy...

Andrew had to study for some of the trip, but I enjoyed this time to myself to reflect, journal, & pray.

 After a filling lunch at Mo's, we weren't hungry for a real dinner. Instead, we settled for splitting a personal watermelon, peaches, & nectarines over a movie. Can you tell I'm in a fruit craze right now? We then stayed up far too late into the morning finishing the second season of Dexter. We are hooked!

I'm so thankful for our little getaways.