33 Weeks | Baby Reyna

Baby girl has had quite the growth spurt this past week. At least my belly sure seems to be showing such. At 33 weeks, our babe is the size of a durian fruit (I have no idea what kind of fruit that is- hence why I took the easy way out and skipped this week's drawing again). She has passed the 4lb mark and is a little over 17 inches long! Though still tiny, now we are getting very close to the size of babies I've cared for- making this feel much more real.   

This past weekend included a beautiful work baby shower. Such a blessing to be showered with love. 

Andrew finishes his last week as a 3rd year Medical Student on Friday and then begins an intense study period for his 2nd round of board testing. We've had a few chats with baby girl about not coming prior to his exam. Hopefully she'll obey. 

I continue to feel exhausted- especially after my 12 hour shifts. Whew- they certainly take it out of me. And, I'm pretty sure I could win an Oscar for my getting out of bed routine in the morning/middle of the night and looking like a 90 year old. I've got that down pretty good. But overall, doing well and thankful that baby girl is growing and healthy.

We are praying for a healthy next few weeks and continue to thank God for our sweet little miracle baby each day. 49 days to go, folks!