happy wife

Remember that dreaded surgery rotation? Well, it's over and I'm a happy wife. It thankfully went quickly and turned out to be quite the blessing that Andrew was placed at a certain hospital. You can't complain too much when there's free food for every meal! Andrew basically worked 80 hour weeks and somehow managed to keep up a positive attitude and even gain a little weight (opposed to the normal weight loss that occurs in this rotation). I especially looked forward to him bringing me home extra luna bar snacks each day. He is now finishing up his 3rd year with a pediatrics rotation. I'm so very proud of his hard working self and the way he remains so loving and kind through and through. So thankful to be his wife!

Here is a sneak peek of baby girl's mobile that I made many many weeks ago. It is one of my favorite parts of her room and oh so simple! Full post to come soon.