32 Weeks | Baby Reyna

 Baby girl had quite the busy week as we traveled to Wisconsin for my brother's wedding. Thankfully, we had smooth comings and goings but I'm certainly exhausted from the busy trip! Our little love is growing right along this week averaging 16.7 inches and 3.75 lbs (the weight of a jicama- which I didn't even try drawing this week). I am feeling very pregnant these days and find that the simple things like putting shoes on, picking things up off the ground, and trying to shave my legs are quite the task and done quite ungracefully! 

I'm very thankful to be feeling better this past week and to be rid of some abdominal pain that was quite bothersome for a good 5 weeks. Praising God that the pain is mostly gone, that we are both healthy, and that I feel much better and can eat normal things again. 

I enjoyed having family around the past week and getting to share baby's kicks, hiccups, and dances with them. I love sharing her movements with loved ones and seeing their eyes light up with the same joy I feel each time she moves.

I'm getting anxious for baby to get here, though I know there's a while yet to go. I'm doing my best to soak up each day with Andrew as it will never be just the two of us again. A new chapter will begin and our lives will definitely change. So much to look forward to, and much to miss at the same time.

56 days to go!! Keep growing sweet baby girl!