30 Weeks | Baby Reyna

 The big thirty! Thirty weeks feels like another great milestone to reach. Baby girl is about the length of a cucumber at roughly 16 inches and 3.2 pounds. Our sweet girl is definitely growing and taking up lots of room in this belly of mine. I seem to be feeling extra tired lately and have been taking advantage of afternoon nap times. I'm thinking these last few weeks may be my last chance at long naps and plenty of rest, so I'm sure enjoying it as much as possible.

Mother's Day felt extra special this year as my heart, mind, and soul prepare to mother this baby girl.  Last year's Mother's Day was spent with Andrew's family. I fondly remember a lovely meal where we shared of our exciting news of being pregnant. Little did we know that we would later miscarry. I will never forget my mother-in-law and sister-in-law's tears of joy and sweet reaction. Sweet memories indeed. This little one is long awaited and oh, how I can't wait to hold her in these longing arms. 

This week brings my first baby shower. I'm beyond excited and can't wait to be surrounded by women whom I love, admire, and respect. Sweet baby girl, you are dearly loved and already celebrated by so many.

10 weeks to go. Unlike the first trimester, I think these weeks will fly right on by!