Family Spring Beach Trip 2014

Each year, Andrew's extended family gets together for a beach trip on the Oregon coast. Though not everyone was able to be there for the entire time, most were able to make at least a day or two. The weather was sunny and beautiful for the first few days (a rare site on the Oregon coast), and rainy/stormy the last couple of days. I like a mixture of the two. The rain and crashing waves sure make for a cozy state of mind. Just right for a restful vacation.

Sorry for the overload of photos below. This post is more for our own memory's sake.

We enjoyed having the youngsters in the house this year! 
Isaac discovered many yummy treats. His favorite might have been cheetos. He even made up a song about them. And... Andrew insisted on buying some when we got home. "Cheeeeeetooooo..."
Isaac (22 months) impressed everyone with his extended vocabulary and remarkable understanding/retention. This kiddo is quite amazing. I love the simple fact that he knows everyone's name (16 of us). What a joy it has been to watch this little guy grow up.

Then there's Lady Eliza (3 months). She got lots of cuddling and loving. What's not to love?
My favorite meal was made by Nick & Michelle (Bro & Sis in law). Gourmet waffles!
The boys couldn't forget their yearly sand castle build or ocean plunge...

 Our friends even came out to the coast to hang with us for a day. Loved getting to see them and enjoy this windy day together.

 I set up sewing camp and finally pieced together my quilt. Still lots of work to be done...
 Most of all, I enjoyed having my hubby around. I'm so thankful he got a "spring break" this year. What a blessing.
 Next year our little one will be joining the beach crew! Can't wait!