26 Weeks | Baby Reyna

Twenty-six weeks here (6 and 3/4 months)  and officially feeling quite large. I realize there's much more growing yet to do, but I'm most definitely feeling pregnant and am finally starting to get the "when are you due? How far along are you?" questions from strangers. I also realize that you're probably tired of photos in this black dress after yesterday's post. Sorry! Our little biscuit is the length of green onion at around 14 inches and weighs approximately 1.7lbs. 

Baby girl still gets sung to each night that her sweet Daddy is around. I love it too. I can't wait to watch their relationship bloom. Otherwise, I'm doing my best to try and rest/take it easy on days off. I'm envious of pregnant women who remain so active and energized in pregnancy. I've decided that this uterus of mine is just extra sensitive and needs a bit more special care. We're chugging along and doing well; each day and week that passes, my heart grows more thankful and excited to meet this little one. We continue to pray that the Lord would guide us and give us godly wisdom in parenting and loving our daughter; that he would prepare our hearts to remain positive and selfless in even the most difficult, draining days.

I enjoyed a quick weekend trip up to Seattle to visit dear college friends this past week. It feels good to get these visits in before baby comes and enjoy time with loved ones. Otherwise, we made some leeway in the nursery prep by finding a few things that add a more feminine touch to our otherwise "plain" (per Andrew) nursery. Everything is slowly coming together and we are especially grateful for Aunt Myrna's generosity of passing on her baby stuff! It was literally baby gear Christmas raining down this week. We so appreciate the goods and are thankful to have fellow little ones in the family. When the nursery is all done, I'm sure I'll share photos.

Fourteen (or so) weeks to go!


Are you ready for some super patriotic photos!?! The wind caught the flag just right in these. They were too good to not put in this post and they gave us a good chuckle. Too bad this week isn't 4th of July...