24 Weeks | Baby Reyna

Happy 24 weeks! Our baby girl is growing bigger by the day. Oh my! I think this might be first week that there's really no denying that this growing belly is a baby and not just extra munchies. Baby girl is the length of an ear of corn (nearly a foot long) and weighs 1.32 lbs. My uterus is apparently the size of a soccer ball (specially noted for my soccer-loving hubby).  Her kicks are getting stronger and wake me up from sleep from time to time. Those kicks still make me smile- even in the middle of the night. The most exciting development is the discovery that her movements can be seen instead of just felt! This brought much laughter for Andrew and I the first time we realized it.

The nursery is slowly coming along with the addition of a half-built dresser. I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. Along with other house improvement/upkeep to-do's, I'll be building drawers in my free time this week.

As far as this pregnancy goes in the physical department, I am finally home-free in the kitchen and can cook/eat most things again. Hallelujah! I do not miss those nausea-ridden, weak days one bit. My gag reflex is still a bit hyperactive and I'll use that as my excuse to avoid the dentist visit I'm over due for.  I'm still able to wear most of my jeans and pants but only because I seem to be carrying this little one quite high. I have a feeling that may not last for too much longer. Tomorrow may be a different story. The braxton hicks contractions I've been having since about 17 weeks stay at bay with limited activity, thus making it difficult to do many of the more active things I enjoy doing. Walks are cut quite short; even grocery shopping and running errands are sometimes cut short. But, all checks out fine and baby girl is looking lovely and healthy in there. We'll take it! Pillows are my best friends, as are fruit and rice krispies cereal. Not sure if those will ever get old. The passing-out/lightheaded episodes have seemed to die down as well- another halleluiah! All to say, I've had my issues and fair 'pregnancy complaints,' but I wouldn't trade a single day for anything. Our darling girl is worth every discomfort. I mean that with every bit of my being. We love her so much already... 

 We are so thankful for you sweet girl. Keep growing little biscuit baby of mine.