Positive Attitude

It's here. The dreaded med school rotation....

Dreaded on my end because of the non-existence of a husband it causes. I certainly enjoyed having my guy around a lot more these last few months. Thank you Psych & Family Med rotations; you were good to us. I've loved watching Andrew blossom this year from book-focused medical student to practicing physician under the guidance and teaching from some amazing preceptors. I am amazed at the knowledge he has gained, the patients he has helped treat, and the passion which motivates him day in and day out to continue onward.

Though a few months of "3rd year" remain, we look forward to what this next year holds. Not only will this guy become a father to our sweet baby girl, but he will also be applying, interviewing, and arranging for the next phase in this journey. Residency. 

I am blessed to be his wife and support him through this journey. It's fun to think back to when this all started. It doesn't seem like too long ago that our 16 year old selves were helping each other look into future careers. Or that I was taking and picking Andrew up from the airport week after week for interviews. My, how time has flown by. Here's to the next 5 weeks of surgery and a positive attitude!