Around here + Guest Suite

These flowers bloomed the exact same day last year. We moved into this little old house a year ago and I remember these flowers welcoming us to our new home.
Since we move so frequently (and will continue to do so), it's hard to take the time and energy to truly settle in a house. We have decided to stay until Andrew's Residency begins and that will make this stay the longest to date for us. The thought of seeing this spring in the same place, and another to follow, brings me joy. I know what to expect. I know when each tree/plant will bloom. I know when the ants and spiders will show up. I know that come July, our yard will be filled with silly chestnut tree droppings (not sure what else to call them). What a relief it is to be in one place for a while longer.
Our office/guest/craft room has had a recent transformation into a guest suite. As I mentioned in my last post, we look forward to family members and out of town friends staying here- especially once baby girl arrives.

I don't have many photos of the room before- but sure wish I did. Just picture a room with 2 cluttered desks (one Andrew's, and one mine for craft/clutter) and a bed. Add in some random boxes on the floor. Below is all that I have of the BEFORE. 


Ignore the fact that the mirror needs a good cleaning in the above pic ;/

The furniture was purchased from a friend who is moving and the rest of the decor is simply moved from other rooms in the house. It's convenient to stick with the same color scheme throughout the house in order for items to easily be moved from room to room. I still want to get a few special old-timey family photos printed and framed. A few ideas are floating around in this brain of mine.  We look forward to visitors! The guest bed has also been my favorite napping spot the past few days... it's cozy!