17 Weeks | Baby Reyna

17 weeks pregnant here and enjoying the snow! Our little one is growing strong at 5 inches in length and about 5 ounces in weight. A highlight of the week included that I've started feeling the little babe move! Subtle, sweet movements that I sure am treasuring. Andrew tried playing music on my belly and that is when I felt babe move the most! Maybe we have a little dancer in there. Dad, you'd be proud, our music choice included some Andrea Bocelli.

These photos (taken over the weekend) aren't quite fair because I woke up this morning with quite the little surprise pop of a baby bump. Maybe I need to start thinking about some maternity clothes! I'm still feeling well over all, though, unfortunately have more food aversions than food cravings at this point. I'm hoping this will continue to get better with time. I go through fruit, eggs, and milk like crazy and am thankful to have the best scrambled egg chef of a hubby by my side. 

We praise God for each and every day of pregnancy, for overall good health, for safety, and for the wonderful support we have in friends and family. Most of all, I praise Him for faithfulness, for provision, and for the blessing of a loving husband. How I can't wait for Andrew to get to hold our baby, to feel his/her movements, to see his/her sweet face.

Happy Valentines week, my littlest love!