Exciting News

It is with great joy and thankfulness that we share our exciting news of expecting a baby in July. This babe has brought us such peace and has been a testament to God's faithfulness. With close monitoring these first 12 weeks, all has been looking great so far. On ultrasounds, our little one is found dancing around like his/her father would only see fit. We are praising God for this little miracle and I am continuing to surrender my fears about this pregnancy to Him each day.

We owe a heartfelt thanks to those who have been in prayer for us over this past year. Thank you. We humbly ask that those prayers continue for this gift of life. There is certainly no denying that pregnancy is a miraculous thing. What a gift it is to carry this baby in my womb, to pray for him/her each day, to love him/her so much- even while just the size of a little plum. 

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates as the months continue!

"He makes the barren women abide in the house as a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!" Psalm 113:9