Christmas Joy

This Christmas was quite the joy. It started with a little get away with Andrew to our favorite near by spot, Resort at the Mountain. Massages, great food, an evening spent by the fire; we sure treasured this alone time before all of the family get togethers.

Christmas day brought quite the surprise. This little beauty below joined the family.
Her name is Eliza Pearl. Andrew's Aunt & Uncle, Myrna & Karl (& little Isaac), became this little one's loving family a few days before Christmas. They brought her home and surprised everyone on Christmas day. What a blessing and gift she is. The best Christmas gift ever if you ask me. I think the rest of the family agrees. 

Holding Eliza on Christmas day made me think of baby Jesus born that holy night. It made me think of how I too have been adopted into Christ's family. He loves and cares for the fatherless, just as Myrna & Karl have loved, cared for, and adopted sweet Eliza into their family. Adoption is a beautiful picture of Christ's love for us. 


Andrew and I later celebrated Christmas with my folks, my sister, my brother in law, and their son, Reid. He's 7 months of sweetness. He's quite impossible not to adore.
 We sing happy birthday to Jesus each Christmas morning. This year, I brought gluten free cinnamon rolls for our "birthday cake."

Next year, I hope we have the whole clan in town. We missed my brother, Jensen very much. Next Christmas, his fiance, Amanda, will be part of our family. Can't wait! 

I hope each of you had a beautiful Christmas!