Around here

Our home is happy around here these days. It's a nice change from what seemed like a very long and dark summer. Perhaps it's happy because I woke up this morning with the craziest boost of energy for which I used to deep clean the house. Windows, floors, and all. Whew! I'm liking these 2nd trimester little bouts of energy. When it comes, I run with it!


Perhaps it's happy because we've had a few loved ones as visitors over the past month.
My sister and nephew stayed with us for a few days in early January. What a joy to have little Reid around. His smile is contagious. His little baby cheeks are irresistible. I wish you could see this child eat real food. He's quite the patient & polite little fella. He sits with his mouth wide open, ready. What a sweetie. We also learned that baby-proofing the house needs to happen asap. This little guy is quite the explorer and got into everything. Children truly are a gift. I love watching my sister delight in her son. And I love being Auntie.
 Perhaps it's happy because little bits of life surround us. From photos of favorite spots, to each of our baby ultrasounds on the fridge, to a few lively plants, to the above meaningful painting of "Rock Gabriel" from my Dad. The day Andrew and I told my family we were expecting our first baby, Dad and I took a daddy/daughter date, chased the light, and painted this view as the sun was setting. What a meaningful little gift this was to me. A day to be remembered, a moment frozen in time. Dad, thank you  for this beautiful piece that livens our home.
Perhaps it's happy because Andrew always seems to be happy. He even wakes up happy. Sweet, giddy, and happy. Every morning, it still catches me off guard. I can't help but start the day with a smile waking up next to him (a nice change from the past 2.5 years of working nights and not being on the same sleep/wake schedule). 

Andrew is currently in the middle of his Psych rotation. This means that he spends his work days on the inpatient psych unit. As you can certainly imagine, it's quite the interesting place. He continues to keep a positive attitude and amazes me with how he takes each rotation and tries to find every way that it can apply to his future as a family practice physician. Andrew is already planning his next (& last!!!) year's schedule. It's exciting to think that the light is in sight and that this med-school journey is nearing an end. This week's sermon addressed the idea that besides salvation, people are the best gift God could give us. I couldn't agree more and am thankful every day that God gave me Andrew. What a gift.