15 Weeks | Baby Reyna

 15 weeks down, 25 to go. Still not much of a baby bump and feeling much better for the most part. I still have my crummy days, but overall am thankful to be feeling pretty fantastic. 

This week was extra special because we celebrated two of my best friends and their soon-to-arrive baby boys at their baby showers. Aka- automatic baby friends whether they like it or not. Otherwise, life continues on as normal. I'm learning that rest is important and necessary. I now am adjusting to make resting, napping, putting my feet up, etc., an important part of most days if possible. Even this early on, I can tell a big difference when I do too much and don't rest enough. I keep reminding myself that my "job" right now is to grow this little human as best I am able, and that includes giving into resting when able. Thankfully, I can do many things that "need" to get done while taking it easy- like hours of photo editing from recent photo-shoots.

Baby is measuring 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces this week. I still love fruit, sandwiches, and hearing our baby's heartbeat on the doppler.
Keep growing little love!