13 Weeks | Baby Reyna

 Week 13 flew by! My favorite sound in the whole world is still our baby's heart beat. It always brings a smile to my face. My energy level is improving & nausea remains an infrequent guest. Even though I feel like I'm showing, I guess these photos mostly prove otherwise. 

Our baby is about 3 inches long, has fingerprints, and weighs about an ounce. This mama was craving all things sandwich this week. Egg salad and grilled cheese with tomato soup were favorites. Gluten free of course! I'm thankful to have found a GF bread that I like. Opens up many new menu options!

Mostly, we are just thankful that all looks healthy and well thus far. We are praising God each day for this little one and asking Him to prepare our hearts to become loving, godly parents.