12 Weeks | Baby Reyna

Reaching the 12 week mark was a big deal around here. At least it was to me. I know that it's never "safe." I know this especially since I work in high risk OB. I will never truly stop worrying- that word is synonymous to parenthood, right? But, last week brought on a whole new level of hope and excitement. I also have such peace knowing that I'm not who is in control of this. This baby really is in God's hands. I'm the vessel. I am learning that worrying accomplishes nothing beneficial. Ever. Twelve weeks also brought what I hope to be the end of the nausea and vomiting that has been my right hand man for the past 6 weeks or so. Whew! Though it was miserable, after each "sick-moment" I couldn't help but smile and thank God. What reassurance it brought.

All that being said, I hope to grab a photo each week of pregnancy. 
Though there's not too much belly there, here's week 12 (actually taken closer to 13 as I'm playing catch up).

This week, we got to see our little one (the size of a plum) on ultrasound again. Always a joy to hear and see a good report. Having a doppler at home also helps. Our baby's heartbeat might just be my favorite sound. Andrew wins best hubby of the year award as he really stepped it up over the past 5 or 6 weeks when I was feeling extra crummy. With major food aversions and being unable to be in the kitchen, he was so loving, patient, and kind. He really is a gift and I'm ever so thankful that those weeks fell when they did while he had a lighter work load and vacation time. Another blessing indeed. 
 "12 Weeks. Size of a plum. Feeling better, loving fruit, and comforted when hearing baby's heart beat."

We are so thankful for everyone's excitement for us. Thank you!