Random post... It's been a while!

 I haven't blogged in quite a while. I haven't taken out my big camera in an even longer while; but I'm here for a quick update with iPhone pics. Thanksgiving came and went. We had a lovely time with family on both sides over our 3 day weekend. It's always a treat to feast at Andrew's Aunt Myrna & Uncle Karl's (& sweet Isaac's) house. Karl graciously made nearly all of his dishes gluten free. Very kind, and very delicious! 

This week marks my first week of dayshift. It's such a welcomed change for Andrew and I, and my general mind/body. I certainly loved night shift in so many ways. The crew (whom I already miss working with), the pace, the lack of family/visitors present, the lack of docs on the floor, the general feel of nighshift- I love. The quiet halls, the routine I came to in order to give my patients the most rest possible (though there's little of that with a newborn). I really did love it. My body and the rest of my life didn't so much. All of this to say, I'm feeling extremely thankful for this opportunity. And even more thankful to get to see Andrew every day and fall asleep next to him instead of in an empty bed. An answer to prayer indeed.

We got to watch Isaac for 2 days and 1 night a bit ago and had a go at pretending to be parents. These are some of the things I learned/enjoyed:

-Elevators exist for a reason. Escalators are not for strollers...
-Other kids at playgrounds can be rude, mean, and bullies while their parents sit along the side and watch without a care in the world. Awkward.
-Getting out of the house was good for both of us. Exploring and observing new things (like at the Mall, or a long walk) provided easy, free entertainment. And, much to talk about along the way. 
-No one can replace a child's mother or father. Isaac kept saying, "Mommy, Daddy?... Andu (Andrew)?" His 3 favorite people, I think. For the time being "Andu" was included. Very sweet. 
-Even at 18 months old, this kid is so very bright. And, his memory is incredible. It's fascinating just to spend time with him and see his brain hard at work. 
-My favorite part was picking up Andrew from work both days and watching him play with Isaac, read him stories, and help put him to bed etc. Those two are quite precious together... It's kind of heart melting. 
-Thank you, Isaac, for teaching us some of your favorite songs. It's not a rare thing for Andrew to randomly start singing the snowflake or rainbow song...
The following photos are from our time with little Isaac. He's so smart and talkative. Such a joy to be around. It's crazy to think of this little guy not in our family. He's such a gift to Myrna and Karl, and to the rest of us too.