A weekend together & 3rd annual self timer photoshoot

I end up taking lots of photos of friends and family, but rarely get actual photos of the two of us. So, we packed our gear and handy tripod (kitchen stool) and headed to this spot I've had in mind since last April. This inactive railroad lies adjacent to the Willamette river and glows if the sunlight hits the tree tunnel just right. Truth be told, I much prefer to be the one behind the camera than in front of the lens. Andrew too, I think. Hence, why we have seemed to make this self-photoshoot thing an annual event. Though, I do believe we'd get much sharper and better photos if we just gave in and let someone else do the work. 

There is something to be said for taking turns setting the camera and running to the said spot in 10 seconds. Lots of laughter!

We both had this past weekend off and it was oh so nice. We didn't actually do much of anything. Went out to eat, ran errands together, I sewed while he watched football, helped him cut his hair, caught up on tv shows together, accompanied each other to church etc. It was a very normal weekend. Nothing special. Just normal and so nice to just be together. 

While dropping Andrew off this morning for the start of a new rotation (parking is difficult & costly at OHSU), he told me that the past few days, he's gotten used to being together.  He explained that he already missed me for this week and it hasn't even started yet. Our opposite schedules really get old fast. But, good news folks, I'll be moving to day shift in a few weeks! Hallelujah! I cannot even begin to imagine seeing Andrew every day/night of the week. That sounds sad, doesn't it? Seeing your own husband every day? Imagine that!