Trying something new

This month, we are trying something new for meal planning. Actually, I've really never done meal planning. This is a first! 12 days in, and we're doing pretty well at sticking to it. In order to eat out less, eat healthier (trying GF for the past 2 months- I feel so much better), and waste less money on un-eaten foods, we're giving it a go. 

The first step was printing off a calender and entering both of our schedules. It took me a while to realistically plan the placement of meals throughout the week due to the fact that our schedule is different each day. I also hoped that by creating a schedule and keeping it up on the fridge, Andrew could look ahead and see that a certain night was left-over night and help himself (I call him my little garbage disposal, he'll eat just about anything).  Not only are we trying new things, but it also makes grocery shopping a lot easier and more efficient!

This was a favorite meal from last week. And, gluten free!

Brown Rice Pene Pasta
Cottage cheese
Roasted brussels sprouts 

Dishes by Beyond Jordan Studio

 -Cook pasta per package instructions
-Roast halved brussels sprouts at 425 degrees for 18-20 minutes (seasoned with olive oil + garlic salt)
-Combine pasta, roasted brussels, sliced tomatoes, pesto, & cottage cheese

((Add turkey bacon for some extra protein))