Oregon October

This October's weather has been pretty fantastic. Shockingly warm & sunny. 
Thanks to the sun, it makes my iced coffee drink orders not sound so crazy for just a little while longer. Thank you sweet sunshine for that little gift. In addition, it makes going to the pumpkin patch feel strange. Our patch visit included 70+ degree weather, sweat, and a sweet little Isaac (I think he wasn't quite sure what was going on with so many pumpkins around). I'm glad we went, but it sure didn't feel like a fall day at the patch. 

I can't believe how big this little guy is. No more baby, all little boy. Isaac calls pumpkins, "mommies." "Big mommies!" At one point, I had to explain that he was referring to the pumpkins and not the other moms in the area. He sure makes me laugh.

Though I couldn't get much of a smile, these pics are for you, Myrna! 

 November is right around the corner. October sure flew by!