Chestnuts falling from the sky...

Boom... Boom!... Thump!... This is what we have been hearing on our roof all day and night for the past few weeks. If we dare walk in the yard, we must be prepared to cover our heads for protection! These spiky chestnut balls have been falling from the sky; it's rather exciting around here. 

I woke up for work to find that Andrew had gotten off early and was outside collecting these chestnuts. This house is just full of surprises. For the past few weeks, any time we look out the window, there is a good chance that we will find someone in our yard collecting these apparent treasures. Many knocks on the door asking if they can come in our gate to collect, etc. Some people say they have been coming to this tree for the past 20 years! On more than one occasion, we have found someone outside at 6am (in the pitch dark & pouring rain) collecting. Creepy? I think they were more creeped out that we were coming/going at that time. With all of the hype going on in our yard, we figured we were missing something by not collecting these. So, collect he did! 

... He delicately cut and roasted them. This became his little project for the night. He says they were roasted a bit too long (and we later learned that you should wait 3 days before roasting after picking). So, we'll try again soon! I just love seeing him find joy in the little things surrounding us every day. His heart is so gentle, curious, and kind.