Sunday Adventure | Gorge Hiking

Though Sunday started with thunder and rain, we didn't let it stop our outdoor Sunday adventure. With packed lunches and rain-gear, we enjoyed a starbucks sugar kick along the way, and headed out I-84. We stopped for a waterfall-filled hike just past the well-known Multnomah Falls. I much preferred this "Horse Trail Falls" hike compared to the packed Multnomah falls paths. The views of the gorge were beautiful, the paths quiet and private. We hiked around numerous waterfalls and creeks- they seemed to be around every corner. Most of all, I was with my sweetheart, and that's all that mattered. 

I want to remember our sweet conversations about our silly high school dating days and what we see ourselves doing 10 years from now. Sweet conversations indeed. And, no better place to have them than hand in hand in the Oregon beauty. It certainly felt like Fall and made me anxious for cool, fall days that always seem to make me more productive.

Hope you had a great weekend!