Sun & Sand | Day 3

 Day #3 was spent at the San Diego Zoo followed by Coronado beach bumming. The zoo was ginormously awesome and our feet were quite tired by the end of the day. My favorite animal was the hippo-- whose face was smudged up next to the glass for us to closely examine his long whiskers and gnarly teeth. Sweet Andrew likely could have stayed at the zoo for another 4 hours if it were up to him. This was a recurring theme at each place we visited. He certainly has a love for animals of all kinds, history, and dare I leave out roller coasters. Poor thing was a trooper and left when the rest of us were pretty zoo'd out. But, I smile when I think about how happy these attractions make him. So kind-hearted, and curious-minded.

Onward to the beach we went. Coronado is beautiful! What a lovely, fancy place. The houses are perfect and each so different. Andrew and I decided that we could spend an entire vacation just touring different neighborhoods and looking at different houses and landscaping. This area does of course cost a fortune to live in; not surprised.

I was blessed to end the day with a nice dessert date with an old friend from college who lives in the area. I had the best gluten free chocolate cake and of course enjoyed catching up with Katie.

Did I mention that we started each day at Chik-fil-a?!? Yum. Catherine (along with baby Teng) and I are already having sweet tea withdrawals.

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