Weekend at the mountain

We all need a weekend at the mountain, right? Thankfully, there are a few mountains to choose from in the pacific northwest. Seriously, such a blessing to live here. I grow more and more in love with Oregon every summer. Maybe that is because I know it won't forever be home. At least for a time it won't. But, maybe we'll return after Andrew's Air Force years... we'll see! Now, back to the weekend... It was so great. 

Andrew's family is amazing and plans little getaways during the year. Rest, fun, great food, awesome company, and beautiful scenery every time. We met the group up near Mt. Hood this weekend and enjoyed a lovely house/cabin with a tranquil creek running through the back yard.
I don't have many photos from the house or the creek on my camera. But, the creek was probably my favorite part and definitely worth remembering, We put on our tennis-shoes and began to hike up the creek. No plan in mind- just wade through the rushing water and don't slip on the mossy rocks. With the help of walking sticks, we eventually (& very slowly) made it to a rather deep spot. The perfect swimming hole. Mind you- I am not a fan of water that isn't clear. If I can see the bottom clearly, I'm fine. This creek was crystal clear and simply gorgeous. I was first to jump into the freezing "swimming hole." The laughter that came over me from both the strange sensation of the cold taking my breath away and the strong current forcing me backwards was for some reason undeniably hilarious. At least to me. Thankfully, this was a safe spot and we were in no danger- but trying to swim upstream and making zero progress was for some reason so much fun. The boys from the bank eventually joined me- maybe my laughter made it look like enough fun to freeze their buns off. But, fun it was. So very much fun. I can't remember the last time I genuinely laughed like that. I think it was much needed. So, thank you, cold creek and quick current. Thank you for the good time.
We headed up to the historic Timberline Lodge with most of the family (Andrew stayed behind to get some work done). It was such a beautiful day!

As you could see, we rode the lift up and enjoyed the gorgeous views, snow, and fresh air. There were games, movies, naps, and I even squeezed a craft in there over the 2 days. It truly was a great weekend, and I'm so glad we could join the rest of the family. So thankful for this time near them. Now off to a busy week and more family coming to town... guests make summer that much more fun. See you soon Grandma!