one rotation down

August brought the conclusion of Andrew's first rotation (or 'clerkship' as they call it) of his 3rd year in Med School. Woohoo! 1 down, many to go. Good news though, he still loves it and still is so passionate about family practice. For his "rural" rotation, Andrew spent 5 weeks in Stayton, Oregon. I enjoyed a few visits to see him and was enthralled with the gorgeous covered bridge just a few blocks away from the adorable bed and breakfast he was roomed at for his time there. Though Stayton is not the ruralist of towns, it's definitely rural compared to our beloved Portland. This experience certainly gave him a taste of what it would look like to live and work in a rural setting. He was also able to work on a project researching some of the social factors for low physician retention in rural settings- a real problem for the US and smaller, rural towns. More than once, he had the dilemma of trying to wash blood out of his white coat. #doctorproblems... All in all, he had a great time and very busy 5 weeks. Now, he's on to OB- a piece of my world. Can't wait to hear his stories and have him experience a bit of what I do each day. 

Since each of the students had the weekend "off" (I don't think they are ever truly off... Andrew still had many hours of work to do this weekend), a few of our friends were able to get together for a little BBQ at our place. Andrew is putting his new grill to good use! We enjoyed chicken and veggie skewers along with classic hot dogs and tasty sides. We also enjoyed the shenanigans that 4 year olds bring to the party. If I would have known little Sam and Kaylen were dressing up, I would have put on my own costume! Ok, maybe not. But, seriously, always a joy to have these giggly beings around. Thankful for sweet friends, their lovely wives, and funny kiddos! 
(We missed you, Christine!)

Here's to rotation #2!