my grill guy

Grill man, Andrew! For his birthday, I got him a grill and we had a family BBQ. The grill ended up being a lot larger than I thought compared to the online pics (thanks Mom & Dad for picking it up for me). I'm hoping this will last us many years and aid in building new memories with friends and family. I think he was surprised. I could tell he was excited when he called me at the grocery store and asked for specific ingredients for his very own burger mix. Precious. I'm hoping he can find the time to enjoy and learn more about grilling over the next few years as time permits. Me on the other hand will be the happy recipient of yummy grilled eats... can't wait!
 Little Isaac was the life of the party- as always. My dad enjoyed capturing these lovely photos of his smiley, happy self.

I certainly didn't want to forget Andrew's 25th birthday (that occurred a few weeks back) and our little get together that we had in his honor. Wish I got more pics of each of the guests and the rest of the party- but as hostess, taking photos was last on my mind. This will do! At the end of the day, I had a very happy husband- which, in turn brings me so much joy. He so sweetly came to bed that night and whispered how thankful he was and how nice it was to throw this very last minute party together with those he loves most. Even in my deep sleep, my heart was melting. Love you sweets! Let's make this 25th year a great one!