Grandma time

From the time I was a very young girl, Grandma and I have had a special bond. She does with each of us in different ways. She taught me to sew, braid, and burn cookies. She never put up with any wining or complaining- both of which my family would tell you I'm a pro at. Many used to call her Sergeant (though my granddad was the actual Air Force Sergeant). Her house was (and still is) one of adventure, activity, strict organization, cleanliness, and complete creativity. It was always yes ma'am and yes sir- though the Oregonian in me has seemed to fade that southern gal away as the years go on. No matter where we lived (Texas, Boston, the Philippines, Washington, or Oregon), Grandma has stayed ever in touch, involved, and present. From our motor home cross-country trips, to being there with her and my Aunt for my Granddad's last breaths, my memories are both some of the happiest and saddest. It seems that most of our visits over the past few years have been tearful ones. Much to catch up on, much to mourn over, much to dig deep into our hearts about. Telling her that we were expecting was one of my favorite moments- even though it was just over the phone. She knows my heart so well. She knew it was such a happy blessing. It took me a long while to be able to call instead of just text after the miscarriage. I know she was hurting too, and that was enough. But, alas' she came up for an Oregonian visit. That Texas scorching heat is enough to send me away for a few days too.

Bright and early Friday morning, we headed out to Suavie Island Farms as I knew she would enjoy the drive and pretty sights along the way- let alone at the actual farm. The flowers were magnificent. Variety galore! We came home with peaches and great plans for what we would do with them.

All in all, we seem to be all caught up. At least for now...