Weekend iLife

This weekend included many of my favorite things. The "weekend" did start with Friday and ended with Monday by the way. 4 day weekend = Nurse perks!

Friday- I so enjoy watching little Isaac. He just tags along with my day and we find fun along the way. Lots of talking, pointing, and exploring. He is at such a fun, happy age (14 months) and seriously cracks me up! Isaac is a little water baby... we stayed at the fountain for an hour and a half and only had to leave because it was nap time. He likely could have spent all day there. Oh, darling boy, you are dearly loved by so many.

 Saturday-  BBQ for the birthday boy, Andrew! More on our last minute BBQ to come later... But it was great!
 Sunday was a day of rest. Much needed. Post church, Andrew and I enjoyed cooking up a delicious biscuit brunch and took the kind of nap that only Sundays offer. During the week, it's so quiet without him, but I'm so thankful that we have been able to coordinate semi-frequent visits.

Monday-  Sunshine, fresh fruit, dear friends, salt & straw ice cream, and a sweet and funny little 4 year old made for a winner of a day. Need I say more?

So thankful for a great stretch off work. Much needed; much appreciated.