a last 'hoorah'

For the second time in a row, Andrew is missing out on a Portland summer- major bummer. Med school rotations call him elsewhere- but thankfully he's a lot closer than Alabama this year. Our last 'hoorah' weekend also happened to be the 9 year anniversary of when we started dating. So, celebration and time in the sun was indeed in order. The lovely Sauvie Island called our name. A cool, cloudy summer day turned into a cloudless, sunny, hot day. We picked lavender, berries, and some kale... and enjoyed the refreshing open air. Oh, the farms were both so beautiful. The day was actually quite perfect and a great way to mark the "end" of our short Portland summer together. 
I'm so thankful for an entire weekend together. We needed it. It's a difficult time for Andrew to be leaving, but I'm staying strong, and I'm so incredibly thankful that he's close enough for a visit every now and then. Now, go get em' babe- go learn from your doctor preceptor and patients. Keep humble, get rest, stay calm, and remember that this is the path the Lord has for you. I'm so blessed to see you turning into the man God has made you to be- the Doctor He is molding you to become. You have a heart of gold, a sharp mind, a soft and compassionate spirit. I love you so much and I'm so very proud and thankful to be your wife and support you through this.
Miss you already.