There's something about potting these little guys that brought me joy. Gardening has been therapeutic for me these past many months. I've got no green thumb- but just the act of getting outside, being in the dirt, and even feeling those rain drops fall on my back as I pull weeds has been nice. I really don't have much to show for the hours I've spent in the yard, but I've enjoyed them none-the-less.  Maybe it was giving these plants a home- maybe it was the bright green they added to our mostly black and white decor, or maybe it was just getting my hands dirty. Whatever it was, I'm thankful for these oxygen-offering friends of ours. I'm not thankful for the 2 dead mice we have discovered in our yard/garage over the past 2 weeks. Not thankful one bit. sickkkkk. Stay away please....

PS- My Dad made these last 2 pictured pots on his pottery wheel! Pretty amazing right? I love them!
PPS- these photos were all taken with my iPhone 4. It's so much more convenient than lugging around my big camera.  With great lighting, I'm always amazed at the quality of the photos I can get with just my iphone.