Much is growing here. In many ways. The plants are sprouting up like crazy; the tomatoes are getting close (much further along than in this photo from a week ago). Andrew takes his Step 1 licensing board exam this coming weekend and then transitions into solely the clinical setting for the next 2 years. My mental list is growing with all of the things I want to accomplish this summer. Yet, everything is just the same. Our house is still not fully unpacked and settled, there are still always loads of laundry to do, weeds to pull, walks to be had, little Isaac to spend time with,  friends to grab coffee with... Life.

The squirrels still love my bird feeder more than any birds do. I still love what I do at work, yet get worn out and tired at the same time. I have yet to finish looming DIY projects... but things are growing. Life continues. Rolling with it...loving it.