If you missed yesterday's post, read it here. All will make more sense... 

**Thank you for all of the love and kind comments we received yesterday via facebook, email, text, etc. Feeling very loved and encouraged. This is once again a post that was written several days ago.**

After the miscarriage, one of my good friends asked if we were planning to name our baby. I had thought about doing so previously, but it felt very strange- especially losing our baby so early in the pregnancy. The more I gave it thought, the more strange it felt for our little one not to have a real name. It made me sad to think about reuniting with our child in Heaven and not being able to call him/her by name. Maybe names don't matter in heaven, but I like to think that they do.

So, we decided to name our sweet baby, Gabriel; meaning 'God is my Strength'. In the bible, the Angel Gabriel brought news of child to the virgin Mary, and to barren Elizabeth. While this baby will always be our little angel baby, I believe that baby Gabriel gave us hope. Hope for future children. Hope for a family. Hope for future pregnancies in the midst of fertility difficulties. This was his/her gift. In God we will find strength. In God I will continue hoping and praying. Gabriel, thank you for giving us this gift. Thank you for bringing us 12 weeks of complete joy. Thank you for showing us just how deeply we desire to be parents. Just how badly our hearts long to love and adore a child. You will always be a part of the story of our family. You will always remain in my heart. Sweet Gabriel, some day in Heaven, I will hold you tightly and call you by name. I will embrace you as my first child and will thank you for bringing me such joy and hope. All our love sweet angel baby.