//One night away at the Oregon coast was good for my soul- even though it consisted of very little and the worst Mexican food I've ever paid for. //

//We bought a car for Andrew and I'm trying to figure out how to convince him that mine is better so I can keep his for the summer when he leaves. Shhh, don't tell him. Any ideas appreciated...//

//I think my tomato plants may be dying. I really don't need any more unsuccessful plants to go along with my wildflower weeds.//

//I almost made it through my latest work shift without crying. Each day is getting better and less tearful. //

// I've had more coffee in the last 2 weeks than I've had in many, many months. Thanks for getting me through, my friend.//

//I'm on a horrible streak when it comes to venous blood draws on my baby patients at work... I'm zero for six sticks at the moment... Ugh.//

//I think I'm addicted to buying succulents and am a proud new mama to an Aloe plant! Brings back sweet memories of my Mamaw Keith's ranch.//

//I'm leaving what was supposed to be the "nursery" empty (instead of making it into a guest room) even though Andrew thinks it's weird. My heart is open, my home is open, trusting God...//

//I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness for our dear family and friends' support and love over the last 2 weeks. So very thankful and blessed.//