Providence Peek

 At one week postpartum, the new mama (my sis) needed an outing! We ventured up to Federal hill for some delicious Italian food and the most amazing chocolate cake I've ever had. Mom and baby did amazingly well! Couldn't have gone better. That first outing seems to be dreaded by most moms. It makes or breaks the following outings to come. Well, this one made it. She's got a good baby on her hands. So fun to see my sister become a mom- to see that maternal instinct come out. To even see the mamma bear come out while crossing traffic. 'Atta girl, go get em'. Go be that great Mom that God created you to be. Go love your son with your whole heart, teach him, lead by example, protect him, love every minute with him. Proud of you sis. 

Back to Portland I go today... Hoping for some nice seat mates. Most of all, can't wait to see my sweetie.