Flowers & Craft Space

Flowers, flowers, flowers... so many flowers in our yard. I'm loving it. Some that we planted in pots, others that we woke up to one morning- they literally just appear and disappear  (planted by past renters). I had no idea that I would enjoy "gardening" of sorts. Never had an interest in it, never the least bit intrigued- until now. And, I love it! I must clarify though; I'm not sure I would call it true gardening. Yes, there's dirt, gloves, shovels- but nothing like my impressive neighbors who seriously work magic in their yards. It's more like a number of potted plants and veggies here and there and some sprinkled wild flower seeds. It's a start!  PS- I found out one of my flowers (Larkspur) is poisonous! Yikes!

'The earth laughs in flowers.'  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In other news, I constructed a very rudimentary shelf out of a 2x8 piece of wood and L-brackets. It does the job and cost us less than $10! It was created in mind for my little craft wall in our office. Andrew has generously shared his office space with my craft craziness. It's turned out very well as it feels like we are spending time together while working on our own things in the same room. Unanticipated bonus for sure! I anticipate some changes with this wall (I need a "bill" & mail station), but it's a happy space for now and will do!

 When not at work, running errands, with family or friends... this is where you'll find me! Right where I want to be... Home ;)