T-shirt Quilts

How was everyone's weekend? I thoroughly enjoyed finally having a weekend off and getting to spend lots of much needed time with the mister. I've kind of been working like a crazy lady, picking up extra shifts each week. I hate it while I'm working so much but always say, 'that wasn't so bad' when I get my pay check. Anyway, today I bring you a special project...

All cut and positioned to show grandma my "plan/vision" for the quilt

This project has been on my to-do list for many, many months. Thanks to my amazing Grandma who sews like none other, it is now complete and made it's appearance in perfect timing for one of Andrew's Christmas presents. I must admit, she did most of the sewing work. But I did a lot of cutting, ironing, and incorrect pinning (that Grandma had to re-do...). 

Andrew has stacks and stacks of soccer t-shirts that he couldn't stand to lose, but that I couldn't stand to have sitting around. So, a manly t-shirt quilt was in the works! Plaid flannel lines the backs so that they can be either t-shirt-y or more plain and flannel-y. We've much enjoyed them so far and have kept nice and warm with their help. 

What makes my heart especially happy is that Andrew loves them.

During my Texas visit in December, I helped a bit with the finishing touches...
This quilt made use of the backs of most of his t-shirts. Lots of Adidas symbols!

Thanks for helping this project come to true life, Grandma! You're the best!