Quality time

Days like these don't often come around in rainy Portland, Oregon. The sun was shining, the air was brisk, the water shimmered. It was a perfect Saturday for a walk with the one you love. Perfect beginning to February. We are blessed to live along a walking path that leads directly to... wait for it... Starbucks! Bonus points there folks! Even Andrew, with his disapproving attitude of my love for starbucks, wanted to walk to get a cup of jo. Super bonus points to that!

We find that it often takes getting out of the house to have quality time together. It takes getting away from the computers, textbooks, tvs, iPhones, lists of chores, etc. Such a distraction electronics can be. ...Though, I must admit that even so, I'm very guilty of instagramming nearly everything. Really though, our best conversations are had on walks or out to a meal, or on car rides, or right before sleep. I'm so grateful for these times to pursue one another. I'm thankful for the time to dig deeper into the heart of my lover. To discover what pains him, worries him, delights him. After 8 and a half years together, I'm still learning new things about him. I'm still caught in true amazement at his kind soul and steadfast loyalty. He's a keeper and I'm thankful that God chose and entrusted me to be Andrew's wife. What a blessing.