Up hill both ways...

 A "day off" for both of us is rarely wasted. We do our best to take full advantage of such bonus days (like yesterday's MLK day). With beautiful weather in the forecast, we headed to the nearby, majestic Mt. Hood with my younger brother, Jensen; aka, Mountain Man. He came fully prepared with a pack full of gear to include a jet-boil. We had great intentions of making some hot cocoa as a mid-trail treat but instead made a stop at DQ on the way home for a refreshing sugar boost.
We chose to snowshoe a 5 mile lake loop and enjoyed our packed-sandwich-lunch part way through the hike. 

All in all, I'd say that my first time snowshoeing was a success; though I reached my limit of walking around mile 4... Okay more like 3. Three miles is plenty, people. Especially when there are hills involved. Besides, with the number of times I stop to take pics, the trek ends up taking far longer than it should. I know, I'm a wimp. Don't get me wrong, it was a great time. But, next time, I'm feeling the sledding/tubing hills! Less work, more reward. After all, screaming and adrenaline always equals more fun.

PS- My brother is so much fun. So glad he came along. Lots of laughter was much appreciated and much needed. He's a hoot.
We are walking over a frozen lake here.... Not gonna lie, I was very nervous!
Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!