I ate my first actual pomegranate the other night.  I know, I know... far over due. Eating one/cutting one is quite the process (we did it slightly wrong).

Anywho, the pom was thoroughly enjoyed as was the hour and a half it took to put together our new Ikea chair. Not. That's what husbands are good for right? Ikea is dangerous..... d.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s.s.s.s.s.ssss... I always spend far too much. With only a couple of screws wonky, we're hoping the chair doesn't collapse. Time will tell.

In other news, during my "week" at work, I'm dead to the world. Gone. Absent. Forget about responding to emails, paying bills, oh please... getting any chores done? Psshhh. There are definite perks to working 12 hour shifts- and even more perks to being young enough to pull off working them all scrunched back to back and getting long stretches of days off- but there's no doubt a price to pay. And on that note, after a long night's work, I'm off to sleep!

Wait, I worked all night and I'm writing blog posts when I have to work again tonight? Does that mean this post contradicts everything I just said? Nope, it was a scheduled post written a few days ago. Fooled you :)

Do you work an 8-5 job? split shifts? night shifts? 10 hour shifts? 12 hour shifts? I always thought that grown-ups just worked 8-5 jobs because that is what I grew up knowing as a youngster. Little did I know the variety of occupations and schedules that a grown up could have & enjoy. I just didn't think that person "working night shift" would be me. Ever. But it is. And I love it.

Most of the time...

PS- I love my macro lens. We're besties.