Lots of little man Isaac

 This kid could not possibly get any cuter could he?!? Though he had a cold yesterday and was sneezy-snotty, he let me snap a few pics of him in the morning light. Isaac likes to sit near the window-door leading to our porch and watch the happenings of outside. It usually allows me a few minutes here and there to clean up or take a potty break when I'm babysitting him. The light hits him just right that it's hard to resist practicing some photography. I happened to have 2 white towels folded nearby from the laundry that worked as a great make-shift "studio set up." I could not get him to smile for the life of me. I think this was mostly because wasn't feeling too well. I also had to act quick and wasn't able to grab my best lens; but these will do!

He's going to be such a ladies man. Just check out them eye lashes.
Bonus to me babysitting = You get tons of pics of your kiddo! Good photography practice for me too!

"You talkin' to me???"
"Don't care; I'm over this picture-taking stuff...."
 "My reward was bath time!"
 "Now that's what I call fun! I even splashed all over you and your bathroom Mwahahahaa..."

A bit older Isaac (after the oreo chewy bar recipe)